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To provide entrepreneurial opportunities in a luxurious environment to anyone wanting to chase their dream of business ownership in the beauty industry.

About Us

Privé Salon Suites is a family owned and operated business. We were drawn to the beauty industry because of its noble purpose: to help every person reveal their best self to the world. This is the role of the beauty enterprise in our world and it is very rewarding to be a part of a business that exudes such confidence and passion. Assisting others in achieving their dream of business ownership, while minimizing their risks of the unknowns that go along with entrepreneurship, has been a fulfilling venture. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our owner’s independence and creativity so they may succeed in doing what they love. When they succeed, we succeed. Privé Salon Suites is a lovely place for hands at work to create their art!

Privé Salon Suites
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