About Us

Hands at Work

It is rewarding to be a part of a business that exudes confidence and passion. This is the role of the beauty salon industry in our culture. We were drawn to the beauty industry because its sole purpose is helping every person reveal their best self to the world. We were particularly interested in the salon suite business because the model has proven successful for the owner, the salon owners, and their clients. Having leased to salons for over 25 years, we have personally witnessed the financial and emotional roller coasters of owning and working in a traditional salon setting. We knew the solution and wanted to be a part of this unique experience. Enter Privé Salon Suites! 

We have taken the positives about salon ownership, such as the freedom of schedule and increased profits, and removed the negatives, such as having multiple bills and the stressful environment. The result is a gorgeous all-inclusive salon community where every beauty professional is given an opportunity to successfully navigate private salon ownership. A lovely place for hands at work to create their art! 

Determined to set the standard in the salon suites industry, Privé Salon Suites provides luxurious and upscale salon suites which are loaded with amenities that exceed all expectations. Guests immediately feel the magic when greeted by opulent crystal chandeliers, high-end furnishings, and all of the small details that turn a client’s day to the salon into an extraordinary treat for their senses. We have labeled our business “Private, Relaxing, Intimate and Exquisite” because that’s the mood we wanted to capture for our salon professionals and their clients. We support our salon owners with state-of-the-art equipment and customer service that goes above and beyond anything they’ve ever experienced. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our owner’s independence and creativity so they may succeed in doing what they love. When they succeed, we succeed. 

Established in January 2018, Privé Salon Suites has been embraced with great love from the community. And more importantly, our decision to step-up the game in the salon suites industry has proven very successful for our salon owners. If you are a professional stylist interested in taking your cosmetology career to the next level, we hope you’ll consider becoming a part of our Privé Salon Suites family. We are easily reached by calling (256) 656-3554 or through the Contact Us page of our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Private, Relaxing, Intimate and Exquisite