Salon Owners

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

~ Maya Angelou

Our Salon Owners are the best in the industry!

They are excited and focused on their trades while serving their clients with enthusiasm. Salon professionals with an established clientele transition well into their dream of salon ownership. With locations in Huntsville, Alabama, and Lexington, Kentucky, contact us today to see if Privé Salon Suites would be a good fit for you. (256) 656-3554.

Please contact your salon professional directly to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding services and prices.

Hair Maven Studio

Suite 1

Owner: Elizabeth Briggs
Phone: 256-468-6547

Services Offered: Hair, Hair Extensions

Shear Haven

Suite 2

Owner: Susan Garner
Phone: 256-604-0068

Services: Hair, Hair Extensions, Brows, Waxing

About Me: Image is everything when it comes to a first and lasting impression.

Mustard Seed The Salon

Suite 3

Stylists Name: Erikah Harris
Business Name: Mustard Seed the Salon by Erikah
Contact Number: 256-270-5524

Services Offered: Hair, Hair Extensions, Brows



Suite 4

Stylists Name: Willy
Business Name: Browsbywilly
Contact Number: 256-756-7478

Services Offered: Brows


About me: Browsbywilly first started when I was a college freshman in 2008. During that time, one of my college roommates was desperately searching for someone to give her a great eyebrow arch. As my roommate sat on the edge of her bunk bed in despair I said, “I will do it!” At that moment, I was reminded of the first time one of my sisters tweezed my eyebrows and I thought, “Surely if my sister did it for me, I can do it for others!” Surprisingly, I created the perfect arch for my roommate! Afterward, she received several compliments and my dorm room turned into a mini salon for other college students to get their eyebrows arched. “The rest is history”, as they say!
As my senior year in college approached, my reputation for arching eyebrows flourished. I became known as “the girl who does eyebrows” and my services expanded from college students to faculty and staff.

Shortly after my college graduation, I began a career in teaching high school math and spent limited time arching eyebrows. After 2 years into my teaching career, my passion for arching eyebrows gained a greater zeal. I became interested in operating my own eyebrow business and I decided to dive into the permanent makeup industry. I wanted to make more money and build wealth while doing something I truly loved.

I invested in an ombre powder brows course but did not feel quite ready to start practicing permanent makeup on people. Instead, I used the knowledge to start doing henna brows so I could sharpen my mapping skills without being afraid to mess up someone’s face. Once I launched this service, the demand was mind-blowing. My clientele and Instagram following grew rapidly! My clientele grew so large that it didn’t make sense to stay at my “9-5” job. In September of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I prayed and asked God if it was time for me to leave my job. I wrote my resignation letter and asked God for confirmation that whole week and He did. The icing on the cake was when a friend of mine told me to read her old resignation letter. I didn’t open the letter until the day I was going to hand in my resignation letter. When I opened the letter, her resignation letter was written on the same date exactly one year ago! I knew for sure it was time.

I now do eyebrows full-time; trainings and have an online course and online brow store (! I’ve also been blessed to have 15k+ followers on Instagram and 22K+ followers on Tik Tok. It feels so liberating to be my own boss, create my own schedule, set my own pay, and meet my own financial goals. All praises are to God.

Hair by Carlita

Suite 5

Stylists Name: Rana Troupe
Business Name: Hair by Carlita
Contact Number: 256-665-8545

Services Offered: Hair, Hair Extensions, Waxing


Régine 40.6.33

Suite 6 & 7

Owner: Régine Valcin
Phone: 917-553-9881

Services: Hair, Hair Extensions, Brows, Wig Construction, Natural, Color

About me: As a Salon Owner and National Educator my clients know me for keeping their appointments flexible and their hair healthy. Working six days a week and resting on the Sabbath (Saturday), I am dedicated to meeting the needs of every guest in my chair in a timely fashion. Prospective clients are always welcome to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. In every consultation, clients have the opportunity to discuss any challenges and needs for their hair. A game plan is developed with the best techniques and hair care options to resolve any challenges at hand.

Jackie’s Hair Studio

Suite 8

Owner: Jackie Zackary
Phone: 256-653-4639

Services: Hair, Hair Extensions, Wig Construction

Ball Beauty LLC

Suite 9

Stylists Name: Denise Coston
Business Name: Ball Beauty LLC
Contact Number: 256-690-7974

Services Offered: Hair, Wig Construction, Make Up


About me: I have been a licensed cosmetologist in the Huntsville area for almost five years. I specialize in silk presses, extensions and kid braids. I am the mother to four absolutely beautiful and smart girls who are the name behind BALL Beauty LLC (Brooklyn, Arianna, Layla and Lauren).

The Plush Way

Suite 10

Owner: Tempestt Broderick
Phone: 256-479-1759

Services Offered: Luxury Mink Extensions

Bella Works

Suite 11

Owner: Sierra McGinnis
Phone: 256-665-8332

Services Offered: Hair, Wigs

TC the Barber

Suite 12

Owner: TC
Phone: 256-479-8515

Services Offered: Barber, Hair

Salon Unlimited by Denise

Suite 13

Owner: Denise Sims
Phone: 256-348-9328

Services: Hair, Hair Extensions, Brows, Wig Construction

LaMonique Salon

Suite 14

Owner: Lajuane Battle
Phone: 256-457-2496

Services: Hair, Hair Extensions, Wig Construction

About me: I love to enhance the inner beauty!

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