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Privé Salon Suites is looking for talented, motivated people to join our community! We are located in a shopping center that provides easy access and ample parking, ensuring that when you choose us as your business address, you’re making the right choice for both you AND your clients.

If you have any questions about our salon suites or services please call us or complete the contact form below.

Privé Salon Suites Huntsville:
4925 Sparkman Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35810

P: 256-656-3554

Privé Salon Suites Lexington:
400 Park Place
Lexington, KY 40511

P: 256-656-3554

Zac Rock
Call: (256) 656-3554

    Privé Salon Suites may email you with news or information regarding our company. We understand and value your privacy and will not distribute your contact information to any third party.

    Privé Salon Suites FAQs

    What is a Salon Suite?

    Privé Salon Suites is a group of mini-salons all under one roof. Each suite is a separate room with a private lockable entrance and the basics you need to run your own salon.

    Why a salon suite as opposed to a standard salon?

    With a salon suite you don’t have the standard salon expenses such as electric, gas and water bills to deal with. Also, your Privé Salon Suite does not require 3-5 year lease usually required for commercial & business leases.

    Why Privé Salon Suites?

    We want you to succeed! We offer beauty professionals the opportunity to own their own business without the costs and hassles of traditional salon ownership. We are conveniently located in a newly renovated shopping center with easy access and ample parking. Your suite will be among others in an elegant and professional environment which provides an enriching atmosphere for you to work and grow your business. With a minimal investment, an established client base, and your own tools, you can move into your own business overnight and begin taking advantage of the many benefits of personal salon ownership!

    How many suites are in Privé Salon Suites?

    There are only 14 suites in Huntsville, Alabama. The most we would ever consider at any location is 18 suites. Unlike the chain “suite factories,” we believe less is more. Too many suites in one place are too much of a good thing and the concept waters down for everyone.

Who are the suites at Privé Salon Suites designed for?

    Our studios can be modified to accommodate hairdressers, makeup professionals, nail technicians, massage therapists, and more. We design our studios with flexibility so that we can work with you to fit your salon needs.

    Can more than one salon professional work in a single Privé Salon Suite studio?

    No. While our salon suites are very spacious, they are designed for professionals seeking a private salon experience. The exception would be to accommodate an assistant. An assistant is expected to work the same hours as the professional business owner.

    Is salon suite rental the right choice for me?

    An ideal salon suite candidate is someone who has an established clientele, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire for freedom from the limitations of working in someone else’s salon. This is the right opportunity for you if you are ready to:

    1. Be your own boss
    2. Escape salon politics
    3. Manage your own hours
    4. Set your own prices
    5. Sell the retail products you love
    6. Make significantly more money

    Join our community of salon professionals to experience your dream of career independence. Your Profits. Your Time. Your life!

    I'm in a commission salon now. How will my income change?

    You’ll love this. Suite rental allows you to keep 100% of everything you produce. Even after expenses, suite-renters show an immediate increase of between 30% and 55%. Run your own numbers and see for yourself.

    Will my clients follow me?

    Your clients are loyal to you and usually aren’t willing to take beauty risks once they’ve found the stylist that works best for them. Research shows that up to 75% will follow their stylist 15 miles further than they currently travel. But here’s the key: even if less than 75% follow, your increased profits make up for it!

    Can I decorate my suite?

    This can get tricky, so the simple answer is no…and here’s why. The biggest complaints about other salon suites are that they are small, closed in, and dark. After much research, we found these complaints are justified. The spaces are small and to make them feel even more cramped, suites are decorated with multi-colored painted walls, used furnishings that are too large for the space, and heavy draperies. Clutter does not make for a pretty sight or productive work space. The good news? We have corrected this issue! We have invested a great deal of money and time to ensure Privé Salon Suites has a beautiful and welcoming ambiance. Part of that is adding more light and reflective surfaces which makes the space appear more open. We have made the suites larger and will provide you with a professionally designed and elegantly appointed work space that is enriching and up-lifting. Please feel free to add personal touches through pictures and other personal or spiritual items that motivate you, but we request you keep it tasteful. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure about an item or wall hanging. We want to ensure you have everything you need to be comfortable and make your salon successful in an atmosphere that is luxurious for everyone, including your clients.

    What hours can I work?

    Privé Salon Suites provides you safe and secure access to your suite 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each suite individually locks and the main entrance utilizes a secure entry system. This flexibility allows you to take appointments when it’s convenient for you and your clients.

    Is there a downside to salon suite rental?

    We haven’t found any negative issues that outweigh the many benefits of salon suite rental, but being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Some people simply do not possess the drive or have the desire to better themselves professionally and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Owning your own business comes with great benefits, but it also comes with more behind-the-scenes work. This would include booking your own appointments, keeping your work area neat, clean, and in compliance with the Board of Cosmetology Code, taking out garbage, and washing your own linens. There’s also the need to keep up with your profits, costs, and income taxes. It’s not difficult or time consuming work, but it has to be done. We are happy to provide guidance and help you transition into owning your own business, but if you just want to go in, do your clients, and go home (where most things are taken care of for you), it might not be for you. Bottom line: it’s all relative to your mindset and attitude. If you have an established clientele and you’re ready to move toward career independence, there’s no better option than salon suites!

    There’s one last issue to address. Many times salon owners will attempt to fill your head with various scare tactics designed to dissuade top performers from leaving their salon. We encourage you to keep in mind these people own a salon themselves! They got to achieve their American dream. We believe you deserve the same opportunity!

    What do you need to start your own Privé Salon Suite salon?

    There are just a few requirements for a salon suite candidate. You need your professional cosmetology, nail, or esthetics license from the State, a business license from the City, a Federal Tax ID number from the IRS, an establishment license from the State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology, and liability insurance. You should be a responsible and self-motivated person who is ready to take your professional career to the next level. 

    Do I have to sign a lease agreement with Privé Salon Suites?

    Yes. This is for your protection as well as ours. When you rent a suite, the agreement spells out each party’s rights and responsibilities which avoids a multitude of misunderstandings. Everyone deserves to know what they are getting for their money and what the expectations are for both parties.

    What are the next steps to getting started at Privé Salon Suites?

    Ready to reserve your studio? Contact us via our Contact Us form or give us a call! We will schedule a confidential tour at your convenience. At that time we will provide you with the paperwork to be completed. Once completed, all you will need to do is get your proper licenses, bring your favorite products, towels, and personal equipment, and you’re ready to open for business!

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